So, it’s the 40th anniversary of Starbucks. New coffee, new logo, new IDENTITY, and everybody just freakin’ loves it. Here we have a case of a brand that’s really popular and ‘cool’ in the society. It makes a big change in its look, and everywhere I read or hear, everyone says it’s just great.

Well, is it?

Maybe through this we can see how strong and trustworthy Starbucks really is in the eyes of the customer, and this trust was probably gained through their marketing and campaigns. Maybe the customers are so loyal to them that they think every change they make is smart and good? Interesting, and contradictory to this, is the fact that customers mostly don’t like change, and that changing the brand’s identity in a major way subconsciously tells us it’s not really stable. (You can read more about this topic in our “Famous Logo (re)designs” article).

So, is Starbucks really that powerful, or is the new identity simply more appealing to customers? Let’s check the new identity out more closer, and compare it to what it was and what it is now:


For instance, let’s see how the new logo looks ON the merchandise:



It’s the ‘modern’ age. And yes, everyone’s going for a more simpler and minimalistic look. But can you see the difference? Simply, the old one had more style. It did have a bit more detail than it should have had, but it had soul, it was aesthetically perfect. All in all, the new one IS okay, but it’s not great like the old one which had sort of a vintage vibe that made it special.


The older green was nicer, more sophisticated; it had a more natural vibe, a vibe that simply ‘went’ with Starbucks and they’re recycling campaigns, while the new one is an ordinary everyday green shade.

I get the whole recycling Save-the-Earth thing, and that’s something that Starbucks promotes, but it promoted it better using those old, natural, earthy shades than in these New Age ones. Then, it had a real connection with the idea;

It’s interesting how a mere color can connect the customers with an idea, cause, or goal, and automatically remind us of it.

New one

The new ones are aesthetically okay, pretty nice actually, but just like I mentioned earlier, the old ones had a more natural look. It seems that everything in the new Starbucks look is missing these (very big) details that made it what it is – style, the recycling idea promoted in a very natural looking way, and, last but definitely not least,

THAT HOME-MADE VIBE that was excellent, despite the fact that Starbucks is a huge chain store.


Old (Left) and New (right)

This is the only thing I really like in the new identity design.

It looks a bit too serious, but it also looks fresh, minimalistic, and stylish, unlike the logo, which is minimalistic but lacking even a smidgeon of style.

ALL IN ALL, it’s not bad, it’s just average, and they very well had a special, well known, warm identity that made a massive chain of shops look like a non-commercialized coffee shop that’s been in your old neighborhood forever. They had massive style, as well as natural warmth. Like I said earlier, it had soul. Every brand and identity seems to be changing into soul-less commercialism every day. The whole thing was always based on soul-less commercialism, but they did a great job hiding that, and making the customer feel at home (read: GOOD MARKETING).

So, tell us, are you loving the new look, or not? And why?

Share your thoughts and ideas, we’d love to hear them.