LogoNest Giveaway is closed! Entries expired at 12:00 PM CET 30 April, 2011. In couple of days we will select the winners and publish them. Good luck to you all, and thank you for your submission.

Branding Magazine is proud to announce a really impressive giveaway today, a designer’s tool that will come in handy every time you are stuck with ideas and banging your head against the wall trying to curve your shapes for a logo in popular software editing programs.

Yes – it’s the the Limited Edition Logo Nest 01 Book giveaway! Only a 1000 of these are be made of which 900 are actually being sold.

Branding Magazine got their hands of three of these and are giving them away to our fellow readers FOR FREE.


Some reviews about Logo Nest Book:

“The Logo Nest 01 book is made primarily of admirable logo designs carefully selected from the submissions of the year 2010. Take a look at some of the fantastic logo designs. If you are confident that you belong here, feel free to submit some of the logos you have designed.

Not only does it have great logos, but, it has some extraordinary and educative articles by our prominent contributors, to whom we owe our deepest gratitude.”

– from www.logonest.com

Some of the hands-on reviews of this book:

Just received a copy of Logonest 01 book. It’s an awesome hardcover, very well printed book. My first impression was ‘wow’! I browsed the whole book in a single shot.

– Debashis Nayak, Uttercreative (http://about.me/uttercreative)

Priced at $29.90 it is an affordable and worthwhile edition to any collection with plenty of good quality inspirational logos and intriguing insights.

– Richard Baird, BP&O (http://bpando.org)

This is a wonderful first book in a logo design annual that I look forward to keeping up with. Well written articles providing a great look into the minds of some of the top tier designers today, coupled with nearly two-hundred pages of inspiration makes this book a must read for both designers, and those that are just interested in the process of logo design. Truly, this is a book “from logo designers, for logo designers.”

– Kevin Hughes, Kevin Hughes Design (http://kevinhughesdesign.net/)


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3. Leave a comment bellow with your full name and surname, where you will tell us which one logo is your favourite EVER (In general) and why?



It just takes these 3 easy steps to be eligible for Logo Nest and Branding Magazine giveaway!


The deadline for entries is 12:00 PM CET 30 April, 2011. when we will randomly select and announce three winners on May 2, 2011.

Good luck!