First brewed in 1847, Carlsberg beer, a pilsner, is produced by Copenhagen-based Carlsberg Group, the fourth largest brewer in the world. In an effort to double its profits by 2015, Carslberg is being repositioned to “help the brand unleash its full potential.”, with a new tag line, “That calls for a Carlsberg,” and through this encouraging consumers ‘to step up and do the right thing’, rewarding themselves with a Carlsberg for their efforts.

Carslebrg is going for a look and idea of celebrating its heritage and values, but at the same time connecting with today’s younger generations throughout a more party-styled fun way, reaching to the adventurous disco rock’n’roll-all-night-and-party-every-day generations.

Carlsberg’s visual identity has been modernized, distribution channels are being widened and a completely new range of packaging is being rolled out across more than 140 markets.

Carlesberg’s new look revolves arround a new bottle design and a new modern feeling to the brand itself, with just a subtle change in detail. They exaggerate a bit with the easy going party theme, but who knows, maybe because of this they will become the no.1 party beer around the world.

All in all, we can see a really good and subtle change in visual identity, but maybe they should slow down a bit with the “fun” commercials.