People usually choose to follow the brands they love on dozens of social networks. That’s why most of the brands are trying to develop their marketing strategies so that potential customers will pick them as followers. One of the tactics is the so-called CRM (customer or consumer relationship management) when the campaign is going one-to-one through social media like Facebook or Twitter.

Get Satisfaction, one of social CRM experts, found a big percent of consumers who follow brands online and they are only doing this because of privileges. For example, around 40% of social network users said that they followed brands for discounts and special offers. Many consumers also said that they will follow a brand if they are current customers.
Creating an interesting and acceptable content on the web is a great way to expand the number of followers and fans who love your brand.

My opinion is that a social network presents a whole new market and a new kind of advertising. There are a lot of creative ways to attract people with your brand and every company should go for it.

Have a look at this info graphic study from Get Satisfaction and design shop Column Five and please do share us your answer for this question: Why do people start to follow brands?

What makes people want to follow a brand?

[source: Get Satisfaction blog]