Launched in 1992 by Atlanta-based Turner Broadcasting, the Cartoon Network was a channel for cartoon lovers with 24-hour cartoon programming. With it’s original series Cartoon Network has become one of the most attractive and genuine channels on television. From its humble beginnings with Tom and Jerry and other classical cartoons, CN is now broadcast in 166+ countries.


From this little cartoon-ish and naive kiddy logo at the beginning, it evolved into the classical black and white checkered logo, the one that is, in my opinion, a classic, the logo that all of the Cartoon Network lovers know as the real cartoon network logo. We can see here that the “checkered” motive is really old, and that even today it’s a essential part of the logo, even if there was a turn point where it became black and white and stayed like that till today.




After that, there were a lot of visual identity changes in 2008, 2009 and 2010, with logos such as









While the CN in the blocks logo is genuinely okay, the one from 2010 was too serious and boring. CN is a cartoon channel for kids after all, but the rest of the visual identity was pretty okay:


Montage from Cartoon Network’s 2010 On-Air Brand Expansion from Brand New School on Vimeo.


The latest CN visual identity (in my opinion) is the best one (but I might add that even though this one’s awesome,  I cannot not love the classic checkerboard logo and everything that goes with it.)
With a modern, professional and cool approach, but still not loosing on it’s playfulness, this CN logo is great. The typography of “Cartoon Notwork” is slightly different, mostly because all the typography was always upper case, and now it’s not.

“The studio pitched on a complete broadcast design package, encompassing logo redesign, examples of package elements and keyframes for animated channel idents. Leveraging the checkerboard motif of the original logo and inspired by Rube Goldberg machines – the rebrand featured animated ‘blocks’ that transformed and constructed themselves into ‘fun generators’ – a metaphor for the Cartoon Network brand itself.”

As for the rest of the visual identity (package elements and keyframes for animated channel idents) they remind me a lot of Vh1 and Mtv visual identities. It’s modern-looking, has a bunch of stuff going on around in shades of beautiful colors, it’s playful and just – fun!
In one way it doesn’t look like it’s for a kids channel, but the cartoon characters that interact give it the missing cartoonish vibe, but kids are not the only ones who watch CN anyways.  All in all this is an awesome design for Cartoon Network, from Australia baised design studio Qube Konstrukt.