Trevor Harris founded the Derby Brewing Company in 2004; the first brew took place on 30th September 2004 and in October 2004 they were awarded their first award; from July 2005 they have won many awards and “Business as Usual” – their best selling beer was bottled and can now be found in leading restaurants, hotels, pubs, and major retailers across the country.

And they have a new visual identity:

Optimal ‘shelf stand out’ was the key priority within this lovely brief. The Derby Brewing Company are currently in the process of expanding their ale range and increasing their presence in the off trade. The brief challenged us to create a label that could compete for quality and standout within the UK’s growing market of ales.

Interesting but very nice color choices when it comes to beer. They give it a very elegant and sleek, quality look, and so do the textures. I love how the “Bussiness As Usual” typography is arranged. It gives some fun to the look.
All in all it’s a good new design from Derby Brewing Company – it will make it’s products stand out a bit more and give out a sense of quality to the customer.