The new Hyundai Veloster is quite a remarkable car. It has one door on the left side, and 2 doors on the right. It also has  built-in features that let you share your location with friends, use hands-free texting, and even upload your favorite music and play videos through a USB port.
Hyundai asked an advertising agency from The Netherlands to create a television ad. They created this shocking spot, that features non other than, The Grim Reaper. The ad was banned from Dutch TV, but they can still air it on the internet. The agency said, and I quote “Since the design doesn’t have a clear feature, we decided to use safety as our main theme“.

Here’s the spot.

Advertising Agency: Fitzroy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Creative Director: Jur Baart
Art Directors: Wouter Vanhaeren, TjerkJan Oord
Copywriter: Merlijn van Vliet
Director: Tom Rijpert
Other credits:Jelani Isaacs, N
azli Parlayan, Guido Kooiman, Bucko Arends, Mick van Dantzig, Jorrit Kleijnen, Yorick Coster
Published: August 2011

If you spend 2 minutes on the cars website, you can learn that it is a multimedia/connectivity station. So, did the agency really do their homework when they said “the design doesn’t have a clear feature”? Did they have to rely solely on the car body design? Also there are a lot of arguable things in the spot. Like, why is she in the back seat? Why is he referring to her as “ma-am”?

The spot is shocking, but it seems as a not well planed ad, even if they wanted to do something shocking, they could have done it in this manner, but way way better.