This year is the year of brands like Coca -Cola and Nivea. Coke turned up 125 years, Nivea 100 years. For this occasion Nivea has released a book which is full of reports about brand’s activity and stories about success.

Nivea is the most beloved skin care brand in the world and almost all consumers across the world have their own special Nivea moment: from a childhood memory to the feeling of holiday when smelling the typical Nivea Sun lotion or using the favourite product which has accompanied one into adulthood. The Nivea Book gives our consumers a rare look behind the scenes and tells the story of how the brand grew from a cream invented in a Hamburg laboratory to the world’s largest skin care brand,” commented Thomas Schönen, Head of Corporate Communications at Beiersdorf.

The book has 176 pages and it’s available in German and English. Price is 19.95 Euros or 29.95 Dollars. It contains quite a lot of interesting facts about the products: creams, shampoos, sun oils and other.

This is so interesting, people have the opportunity to really feel development of the brand and see all about marketing strategies which made this brand so powerful.