On 27th of August, Sharpie will be featured on YouTube as a part of their new campaign. You can send some of your works in the form of drawings, doodles, pics or anything started with Sharpie at Sharpie.com. Three years ago, Sharpie was focusing on celebrities such as David Beckham to make it more popular, but this time it’s all about their loyal fans who can’t live without a Sharpie marker. Sharpie’s marketing team went on to research on how their products are actually used and recognizing its potential, the brand released a new line of ‘Stained by Sharpie markers which is a favorite for ‘temporarily’  inking body parts at different tatoo parlors.

Of course, Sharpie is heavily using social media to promote itself – it has over 42,000 followers on @Sharpie Twitter feed which promotes different works done by Sharpie users. It’s a social media gathering that constantly evolves and no doubt that it will bring Sharpie to a better brand position. The complete rework of the YouTube page will surely give even more promotion to Sharpie and it would bring a bigger smile to it’s parent, Rubbermaid, in stock numbers.