The ABSOLUT brand never ceases to amaze us – they recently developed a new combination of their vodka with the finest wines from New Zealand, Brancott Estate, resulting in an unique tasting experience bottled under the name of ABSOLUT TUNE. Unfortunately for us Europeans, it will be available only a limited time only across three select Merivale venues in Sydney.

Glen Brasington, the Marketing Director of Pernod Ricard Australia says: “It truly is uncomparable and ushers in a whole new category. The whole package is unique, from the reveal of the intricate bottle design with removal of the “hood”, to the unprecedented fusion of Sauvignon Blanc and subtle Vodka flavours combining to deliver a new taste profile that is simply not found in vodka or wine alone. Brancott Estate is highly regarded as a pioneering wine brand in New Zealand, and our experience shows that Australians will be excited by something very different and innovative from these two premium brands.”


If you are thinking just how this unqiue combination might taste, it’s being described as “an elegant drink designed to elevate any occasion with its sophisticated visual cues and beautifully balanced palette”. It’s a fusion between ABSOLUT premium vodka and Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc giving the drink a vibrant, fresh tropical fruit taste, but retaining the strong ‘punch’ of ABSOLUT VODKA.