Dunhill hopes that with a new strategy – using Aurasma’s AR lite app, will increase sales for its Autumn/Winter 2011 brand awareness. Using augmented reality, “every appearance of the Voice campaign can now be transformed into moving images and a transactional platform”, and that’s the whole point and goal of this mobile campaign.

Alfred Dunhill, the symbol of British luxury menswear and accessories, says it’s “spearheading the creativity of augmented reality in the work of luxury and retail.”

Voice campaign is maybe more familiar to people from UK and Europe. The campaign is celebrating British men such as Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Rupert Pennefather and Michael Grandage.

You will maybe ask: “Why voice?” Because Dunhill brand didn’t pay regards to look or age or status in society. For Dunhill, “Voice is an honest and elegant portfolio of British men.”