If I was imagining a real british British pub, I would imagine it’s commercial material and identity would look like this one: elegant, sophisticated, rich in colors, logos, patterns and material. Classy, fabulous and traditional – what more could you want?

I’m honestly drooling over these pictures right now. Are you?

The symbol of Liverpool is the Liver bird. This bird is like the legendary Phoenix and Sirin birds — there were no such a things in real life but scientists still argue what kind of extinct birds could be their prototypes. By itself, Liver is a symbol not only of Liverpool, it’s also a main part of the logo of the famous English football club. The second part of the city’s name relates to the water because the city is located near the sea.”

— Alexander Andreyev

After the analysis stage we found three main elements that needed to be combined in the logo: the Liver bird, location near the sea, and a heraldic style used in Britain during the birth of Liverpool. This has become the basis for the logo and the entire brand identity.”
— Artyom Kulik


Designed by Reynolds and Reyner.