Google search giant has celebrated its 13th anniversary yesterday. This search engine is appreciated by billions of people all over the world.

In 1998, on September 4, Larry Page and Sergey Brin received a $100.000 check from an investor and incorporated Google, Inc. The whole history of Google started a little bit earlier. In 1995, founders of Google met at Stanford and decided to build a search engine called BackRub in 1996. Couple of months after that they changed the name and logo to Google.

Since its establishing, Google stated that they would always bring original approaches and innovations. Originality of Google reflects in Googleplex interior. Even a dinosaur in the yard reflect with originality.

The first Google office was in a garage owned by Susan Wojicki in Menlo Park, California. The forst storage was made out of Lego. How cool is that!

In 1999 they moved their office to Mountain View, California, and in 2000 they signed partnership with Yahoo. The same year they launched ad program AdWord. After successful beginning they created another program in 2003, called AdSense.

On April Fool’s day in 2004, Google presented their Gmail. In 2006 they acquired YouTube.

In 2007 Google started a little revolution and presented to the world Android platform and a year after that, they introduced Google Chrome, which had its 3rd anniversary on September 1.

In 2010 three new products were launched: Google Apps Marketplace, Google Buzz and Google TV.

June 2011 was an important month for Google, because they started to invite users to their new social network Google+ and later announced that they are acquiring Motorola Mobility in a contract worth $12.5 billion.

You can also see Google’s Freddie Mercury tribute video.