On the 6th of September 2011 ‘United Colors of Benetton’ opened a event in their stores, presenting a series of 15 art installations created by Cuban artist Erik Ravelo, under the name of Lana Sutra. The idea is obviously based on ancient Indian text about human sexual behavior, but this time called ‘Lana’ – the Italian and Spanish word for wool.

They are showing us male and female bodies in certain poses, wrapped in wool, with very bright colors that are the hallmark of Benetton fashion brand. Every body figure is made with mold by real people. All project is dedicated to love and to being in love together no matter what different culture, race or faith – all shown with big emotions in a provocative and artistic way. That’s not anything new for Benetton – their advertising campaigns have always been about bringing together people with different skin color, hair and eyes – showing us how actually we are all the same and beautiful.

Alessandro Benetton said: ‘We have conceived a project which combines both Benetton’s  traditional and new values, such as the uniqueness and authenticity of our fashions, our love of art, the constantly evolving nature of our retail business and our interest in the web and in the new geography of our world. These are metaphorically held together by wool threads in bright colors: two key elements of Benetton’s DNA, which are blended together in these art pieces to become a true expression of our brand’s essence. With this project, which has been conceived and developed in harmony with our new Fall-Winter 2011 collection, we are highlighting the uniqueness and global values associated with United Colors of Benetton: an all-encompassing brand whose fashion unites with a truthful voice, people, points of view and themes that touch the whole of humanity’.