In partnership with eYeka, the market leader in online co-creation, TAG Heuer invited the most creative consumers to “celebrate an iconic watch design” in a 30 to 60 seconds video or animation. The project ran as a competition over a 6 weeks period on the eYeka community with a prize pool of over USD18,000 and the opportunity to win Link watches. The competition attracted interest from all over the world. eYeka and TAG Heuer accepted 41 video submissions, all offering stunning, personal interpretations of the new Link watch as the epitome of modern elegance and style. Creators were given 3 photos of the new watch and a very open brief on how to express the spirit of this TAG Heuer iconic collection.

To select the winners of this competition, consumers from all over the world will have the opportunity to view the videos and to vote for their favorite on TAG Heuer’s Facebook page, on YouTube and on Youku from the 1st of September.

“Today’s consumers are inundated with marketing messages offline and on social media. Understandably they have learned how to filter them out. It is crucial for TAG Heuer to understand how to create genuine buzz and to better engage with consumers online if we want to get noticed and stay relevant. We wanted to give consumers the lead on the creative process by asking their interpretation of the same brief. This focus on creativity lies in TAG Heuer’s DNA where our history showed this Avant-Garde spirit not only on our products but also on our marketing approaches. Because it is an online project, you can stretch the brand further and create this engagement we all seek for” said Jean Marc Lacave, President of LVMH Watch & Jewelry Asia.

Joel Cere, Global Director of Insights & Innovation, eYeka said: “We are always impressed with the creativity displayed by consumers on our community and it is noteworthy that luxury brands too now recognize the reservoir of talents that lies outside the traditional boundaries of their agencies.”