Harley Davidson came up with a new ad for its 2012 model. This commercial shows a boy standing in front of the pet shop looking at dogs that are in cages in front of the store. All of the sudden some random man walks into the store and gets out a few moments later, with seven leashes for dogs. Gets them all attached to his brand new 2012 Harley (it’s not even 2012 and he has one), and hits the paddle, and releases all the dogs. They all start running, feeling the freedom, and the slogan that goes in the back is NO CAGES. My comment: boom, Harley Davidson.

The idea that people in Harley’s marketing department are trying to make you see and feel is that there are no limits with the new 2012 Harley. No cages, boundaries, limits or anything else that is standing in your way of the magnificent ride in the most popular motorcycle brand ever made. How big brand Harley actually is, says the fact that when you go to Milwaukee, WI, you can feel the real chopper lovers’ passion for Harley. In general, great idea that will surely find its way to new customers.