The first time I saw this news about Heineken’s new logo I thought to my self: NO! Heineken can NOT change it’s logo! My faith in brands will stop if one more major company changes it’s most powerful symbol that we’ve known to love over the years!
The truth is – the news is only half bad; the new logo will be used only across Heineken’s website, internal documents and printed collaterals while the popular beer branding will remain the same.
I guess they’re doing this to make a difference between corporate activities and the core product, and they surely wouldn’t be the first brand to do this. Starting September 19th, the new logo will look like this:

Heinken new logo

Heineken was always my favorite when it comes to identities of major beer brands, and I don’t even drink that much beer. I just love the logo, it has this old and strong, serious vibe with a funky twist, that in my opinion is an awesome look for a major beer company, referring that it sells quality and rich products that are still fun. I like that they kept a bit of that ‘twist’ in the new corporate logo, making it look like the core of the logo is the same only it’s updated and upgraded to today’s modern standards. They did a good job with it actually.

HEINEKEN has evolved significantly during the past ten years. Today, our company has the most global footprint of any brewer, we have a portfolio of more than 250 beer and cider brands and we employ more than 70,000 people. The new identity differentiates the company from the Heineken brand. In doing so it better reflects who we are today and the company we aim to be tomorrow,” said Jean-François van Boxmeer, Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO.

– Well in that case, they nailed it. Good job (design) by Amsterdam based VBAT.

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