As a official X Factor sponsor, Pepsi has a new commercial called ‘’Music Icons’’, that been presented during the show’s premiere of Fox. In spot Pepsi reminds us on its music past, featuring icons as Michael Jackson, Kanye West, Ray Charles, Britney Spears and Mariah Carey. At the end of commercial there’s important question, ‘’Who is next?’’ and line ‘’Where there’s Pepsi, there’s music’’. There’s a song by Outasight, ’’Tonight is the Night’’ in background of commercial, ‘’The song was chosen because it perfectly captures the spirit of music today’’. It all looks like flashback and memories on Michel Jackson moment when he introducing new ‘’Pepsi Generation’’ or Ray Charles while he playing ‘‘You Got the Right One, Baby, Uh Huh’’ and drinking ‘’Diet Pepsi’’.

Frank Cooper, Chief Marketing Officer, Global Consumer Engagement of PepsiCo Beverages said, “Pepsi has always been at the center of music and pop culture and is known for featuring top talent in its campaigns’’ and adding ‘’We’re confident that the next pop music star will emerge from our partnership with The X Factor’’

I think it’s nice way to remember of golden age, when this artist were inspiration for Pepsi and other brands, and remember spectacular pop music scene in that time. It’s nice to see that Pepsi is trying to encourage and inspire all new music talents, and we hope that someone will stand deserved in the place of these stars.