South Africa’s leading men’s fashion retailers “J Crew” presented its new television advert, but this time sexier than ever. Women are wearing men’s shirts and almost nothing beside that. “J Crew” is promoting their special offer of 25% Off Men’s Shirts. This advert is actually about sexy moments behind the scenes during the photo shoot. There’s a song in the background of the commercial, “Evil Spell” by South African singer/songwriter Farryl Purkiss. I believe that hot models will certainly attract men to shop. It’s a simple ad, but well packed all together: music, models, frames and shirts. There are some arguments that this is too sexy to be shown on TV, but I think there are a lot of sexier commercials that us and our kids are watching every day. Queenspark is already advertising this men’s line because recently it has decided to cooperate with “J Crew”.


Donnet Dumas, from Ice Model Management, said: “Wearing a man’s shirt kind of makes you feel a little bit sexy, a little bit androgynous and very womanly. It makes you feel very womanly because you have to accentuate your feminine side as you’re wearing something masculine.”