Alexander Wang

About a month a go there were speculations that Marc Jacobs is becoming new head designer for Dior, replacing the grate John Galliano. Few weeks later Marc said that he’s satisfied with his place in French house of Louis Vuitton and that he has no intention of leaving. After that there was a rumor that Riccardo Tisci (head designer at Givenchy) will take Marc Jacobs’ ‘place’ in Dior. But the latest news these days are that Alexander Wang got the same offer, which is weird because Marc Jacobs and Riccardo Tisci are designers with much more experience than Wang; on the other side we shouldn’t underestimate him – he’s maybe young but he made his brand respectable in the fashion world for a short time standing shoulder to shoulder next to some great fashion brands.
As for Riccardo Tisci, I’m glad he is staying in Givenchy, I can’t imagine anyone else doing his job, or doing it better then him for that matter. We hope we’ll find out soon who will take John Galliano’s place though.