If you ever become a zombie don’t worry because FedEx delivery will be…fast enough to save your life? Erm… Well…. This can only happen in movies and in the new FedEx commercial called “FedEx Zombie Outbreak” by BBDO Guerrero. Evil zombies tried to take over the planet, but cute FedEx courier brings the antivirus on time. Just as you would imagine, zombies are attacking four people in a market and one of them is bitten, the usual classic horror movie scene; and in moments of panic, the delivery boy is still nice and polite, showing the main attribute of FedEx. There’s also a tag line at the end, “Take the drama out of delivery”. The idea behind the commercial is funny and entertaining; and combined with the fun way FedEx is represented and the great zombie makeup and costumes – this makes a well done job by BBDO Guerrero; seems that they got this one right.
Check out the commercial and the behind the scenes footage: