Smirnoff launched a new series of bottles to promote their second Nightlife Exchange project, and it features 4 big party locations – New York, London, Australia and Rio De Jeneiro, where every bottle reflects and represents its city.

The point of the Nightlife Exchange project is encouraging clubbing and Smirnoff fans to share what makes their nightlife original and vote for the best ideas which will later be hosted at special venues; therefore people from one country will contribute ideas for another country’s party and that country will contribute ideas for the next one.

The design of the bottles isn’t so eye catching or original at first look, but the core idea sure is. I like the part with the representation of the cities atmospheres and culture, because really every one of them is unique and special in there own way and therefore should be celebrated. I also give a + for Smirnoff creating a, we might say, global party, where people are brought together by their ideas and clubbing, making us feel closer to each other, like it is a small world after all.


“We searched the globe for the most exciting locations known for their nightlife and chose four that stood out for having unique, unforgettable and vibrant nightlife. The limited edition bottles represent these locations in design and inspiration for the signature drink that accompanies them said Simon Burch, global brand director for Smirnoff.

The bottles are available for purchase at select retail stores and duty free shops worldwide, except the Australian bottle which will be sold exclusively in Australia.