Here’s Tooheys Extra DryNocturnal Migration” beer ad which combines raving deer and the Prodigy.
Yes, you’ve read it right.

The deer is the brands symbol so they used a bunch of real deer to make a commercial where they all go ‘migrating’ to parties thus advertising humans (and deer, obviously) favorite alcoholic pre-clubbing, clubbing, post-clubbing or just everyday, anytime beverage.
Simply, the deer had a few beers and – they obviously had a good time.

I love this ad; the really well done shooting and editing, Prodigy’s ‘Breathe’ and the ad’s name (Nocturnal Migration) gives a ‘dramatic’ and fun touch to it.
+ I love the thought of what was it like filming the commercial with a bunch of deer running around everywhere.

-Created by ad agency BMF in Sydney, Australia.

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