IKEA has created an awesome interactive app and you can find it on YouTube. What can it do? Maybe it’s better to ask what it can’t do, because the application is marvelous.

IKEA new app

The app creates a personalized 3D mockup of a bedroom based on your personal details. The ad, which you can find on YouTube, isn’t standing as an ordinary YouTube page video. The whole page is run by a unique app and after watching, users can log into with Facebook. Also Facebook is a source for this application. Based on the user’s Facebook data and living situation, the tool generates a 3d bedroom with IKEA items which you can click on. It’s superb how the whole bedroom is generating. The app is even creating photos from user’s album and placing them on the walls of the bedroom. How cool is that?

New IKEA app is a part of the IKEA UK’s Go Happy To Bed Advertising campaign. For the consumers, I think the app has a huge role in this campaign. For every brand it is the most important thing to interact with their consumers.