Michael Wolff, editorial director at Adweek, left after a month of speculations despite being on that post for only one year.

His successor will be a veteran of former sister title Mediaweek, and will take over supervising on Adweek and Adweek.com, starting immediately as parent company Prometheus Global Media announced on Monday.

This April, Adweek and Brandweek have changed their design, and merged publications into one. This move was a bit controversial by Wolff, and stirred the media about his work. They have totally changed their way of reporting, now focusing on big and HD pictures, bolder tone, more likely some gossip magazine, than the recognizable mannered and thoroughly reported industry publication it had been.

The problem for Adweek were not the readers – they liked the new Adweek, shorter texts, big images of new brands and news and nice overview on article. It was the advertisers that did not like the new Adweek, because of these articles that a bit provokes and judge. As Gawker‘s Hamilton Nolan pointed out, “Trade magazines do not generally become successful by being provocative and buzzy. They become successful by relentlessly covering the trade in question.”

The inevitable problem was also the merger of 3 in one that was not getting revenue as a three separated magazines, but only like one.

I personally liked the new Adweek redesign, but unfortunately business is business – let us hope that Adweek still says the same – bold and brilliant.