Starbucks and Apple are going to team up and launch a digital project called ‘Pick of the Week’. It will offer selected iTunes music songs or books to all Starbucks consumers. Of course, for free.

In UK, this campaign started on October 17. Starbucks wants to attract more people with it, cause they’re in a real struggle with their rival Costa Coffee. Except this campaign, Starbucks is offering to its customers high speed and free of charge Wi-Fi, so the people can spend more times in their coffee shops.

Starbucks and Apple

Starbucks customers can download a free iTunes music tracks and books. They’ll find some of the greatest music bands and artist like Coldplay, Tony Bennet, Norah Jones and The Kooks. With ‘Pick of the Week’ initiative, they will recognize and reward their consumers.

This project already started in the States. In the UK, Starbucks is hoping that customers will spend more time drinking their products while downloading music tracks and books from iTunes. This famous coffee brand will also run a press ad in the Metro: “Every Monday this autumn, pop into Starbucks for your free download on iTunes.”

Ask yourself, can something, anything go wrong when Starbucks and Apple take initiative together? I doubt it.