Red Bull Speed Trap Finals

Devon House, Kingston, Jamaica hosted the Red Bull Speed Trap Finals. The whole project started on June 28, 2011. The question was: “How fast can the average Jamaican run?” The creative running event circled the island of Jamaica. Using an innovative device called the “Smart Speed Lite”, participants top velocity was measured, captured and recorded while running through the speed zone.

Red Bull was looking for the fastest man and the fastest woman on Jamaica island. It’s well-known that Jamaicans love to run and they are quite good at it. Check out some of the participants on the video below. The winners, Zeniffee Fowler and Shaelia Campbell, will go to the Sao Paolo, Brazil to meet with Red Bull F1 racers and to see the superb F1 race.

You can feel that the whole island was occupied with this event. Thanks to Red Bull and the spirit of Jamaican people, the whole manifestation was absolutely great! You can see how much potential Jamaica has in running.

They are fast as a bullet? No, no, they are just drinking Red Bull.