It is new, he is cool, it is the most popular in USA, it is the new roast blend – Blond coffee.

On Tuesday, the Seattle-based coffee company announced its new product that will reach new customers, and maybe turn some old into lighter coffees.

This kind of light roast is the first one by Starbucks, and it comes by the customers demand. According to poll run by Starbucks, over 40% of coffees sold in USA are lighter roasted. Nevertheless, they’ve been criticized over past time that their old medium and dark roasts have been a bit bitter. But if any coffee isn’t bitter let me know to try it. No sugar of course.

In statement published on Tuesday, Cliff Burrows a Starbucks president of the Americas said: “There is significant opportunity for Starbucks to gain a greater share of the brewed coffee market — both in our stores and down the coffee aisle of grocery stores.”

Starbucks Blond Coffee will include marketing, which will be a “360-degree” approach and will include TV, digital and social media.

Maybe the biggest problem with new blend can be their customers addicted on heavy and medium flavours, and changing the character of the company. However, every step in business is gamble, but in my opinion every innovation or even invention can’t be leaded to failure only improving and developing brand in positive direction.

“There’s definitely an absence of roast, which people typically expect from Starbucks,” acknowledged Andrew Linnemann, Starbucks director of green coffee quality and operations, noting that the Blonde went through 80 different variations during research beginning in January 2009.

The blonde roast will be available in Starbucks in January 10th in brick-and-mortar locations as well as in the grocery aisle, by its two names, Veranda and Willow — the first simultaneous launch for both retail and grocery and will be join the Pike Place Roast in whole bean, roast and ground, as well as in Via and K-cups.