After few years working in USA, My Starbucks Rewards has been launched in Canada and UK.

It is just a replaced existing system, with new way of payment and rewarding their customers. It will be a new cool interactive game on every storefront.

In Canada, it was joint efforts by BBDO’s Toronto office, Blast Radius and The Media Merchants, which have created the window displays allowing users to reveal rewards by touching and moving gold stars in an animated interface.

In their press release, said that program will be rewarding regular customers for their frequent visits, which will make Starbucks Interactive Storefronts the perfect platform to engage consumers on site through the interactivity of the displays. It was the Blast Radius who developed the concept of rewarding, while BBDO helped in creative sphere, and The Media Merchants provided the interactivity and installation of the screens on fronts of the stores.

“Interactive Storefronts allow us to engage with consumers in a fun and immersive way by leveraging their high traffic retail locations,” says Brad Foster, CMO at The Media Merchants. “At The Media Merchants we strive to incorporate new ideas and new technologies, we love working with Starbucks as they’re a great forward thinking client.”

The concept of storefront screens is that passers-by can have fun with interactive experience while moving gold and white stars throughout the display and discover rewards from My Starbucks Reward program.

My Starbucks Rewards includes a reloadable payment card and is built on gamification strategies that awards customers’ loyalty stars for purchases. With every star more they are progressing in levels, from welcome on bottom to the gold on top. Surely, gold level gives you some benefits, such as free drinks on every 15th star, and some special offers.

In UK, it replaces the old paying system from 2009, which offered free syrup and coffee shots, and will bring this one, the interesting one. Although, the Starbucks registered My Rewards as trademark, they still didn’t put it in public in UK.

Starbucks has also presented its “Pick of the Week” service in the UK, which has been going in the US for a number of years, in partnership with Apple offering customers free music and iBook downloads.

In 2010, Starbucks Tazo tea Interactive Storefronts gained international attention, allowing users to guide a creature of their choosing to find the ingredients of the Tazo teas.

The campaign runs until January 4, 2012 in Toronto at 4 King St. W and 765 Yonge St. The Vancouver locations are 802 W Hastings St. and 498 Robson St.