A few days ago Google launched WebGL Bookcase, a digital library that features over 10,000 book covers on a wooden shelf rolled into an inifite 3D helix. Books can be browsed by category and are clickable – you can read a small preview of the books, download them on your phone with the QR code and also buy them. The ‘Experiment’ also demonstrates the WebGL capabilities of Google Chrome:

“A digital interface needs to be familiar enough to be intuitive, while simultaneously taking advantage of the lack of constraints in a virtual space. In this case, we imagined something that looks like the shelves in your living room, but is also capable of showcasing the huge number of titles available online — many more than fit on a traditional shelf,” says Google.

Why is it Google always comes up with a great ideas, but doesn’t complete them entirely and we are left with a retarded version of the product? Their products are always “Beta” or “Experimentations”. It looks to me that they are not bold enough to make critical steps in creating something that will last, but they usually end up to be just a trend (Google Buzz anyone?Nevertheless, check out WebGL Bookcase in action here.

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