Nike rolled out some new videos in order to promote its Nike Lunarglide+ 3 Shield running shoes. With Wieden + Kennedy as the creative force behind the campaign, they did a 1-minute video called “Some Time Together” that feature Alice, a girl who just cannot stop running, making her boyfriend, friends, family and dog really sad, and the only way to connect is to start running together with her:

More videos have appeared since the original one on YouTube. They feature Alice’s boyfriend and her dog (with funny subtitles) in an interview:

And also feature her friends and grandparents:

The whole thing is just so easy to digest, designed for everybody’s taste with simple ‘la la la’ music in the background, making the videos as something sweet, but not special. I think  Wieden + Kennedy could do much more, but honestly, how can you advertise running shoes for everyone to easily understand? Leave a comment below if you have some good tips / or great ideas.