Adidas presented its new product, The Adidas miCoach Speed Cell. This device is usually used by professional athletes, but from now on every amateur will feel like pro.

With this small device you can measure your athletic performances by recording your average speed, number of sprints, stride during play, distance at high intensity levels, maximum speed and steps. It’s considered that device is suitable and recommended for football, soccer, basketball, running and tennis. Before your training you put it in the outsole of Adidas footwear. Device memory stores seven hours and you can wirelessly transmit the data on your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. You will have complete report of your movements and skills.

“We are entering an exciting new stage of development for miCoach technology,”- said Christian DiBenedetto, senior innovation director, Adidas Innovation Team (aIT).

 “Understanding individual performance data is one of the best ways to improve your game. For the first time, amateur athletes can have access to the performance tracking and analysis technology available to professional athletes.”- said Mark Verstegen, founder and president of Athletes’ Performance. 

For now only pair of shoes that are adapted for miCoach Speed Cell are Adidas Adizero f50 football boot. In 2012 Adidas will release collection of miCoach Speed Cell compatible footwear for football, tennis and basketball. Besides shoes, Adidas will launch special sport app which will allow to athlete better review of their performance, publishing it to Facebook and comparing it with other athletes.

miCoach Speed Cell will be available on December 1 in Adidas sport stores and