I think that economic crisis in the fashion world is obvious more than ever. In September this year, the Italian fashion house Missoni made a collaboration with Target and designed their lower-cost line. Now thay want to do that one more time. Besides Target, Versace made the same business deal with H&M, even though they were saying  for years that their brand is not for everyone.

Finally luxury fashion houses see that there’s no point for us to waste money on luxury collection, when we can by the same Missoni at a lower cost. Instead of $1,000 and more for regular Missoni of clothes, now everyone could afford it because it’s under $50 in Tagret making it a top buying priority for fashion fans that will wisely use that kind of offer. The collection indeed was a big hit and sold out immediately in retailers and online stores.  That was greatly profitable, but now Missoni has an idea to go even further, on an international scale.

Besides Missoni collaboration with Target there are some rumors that this fashion brand could team up with Macy’s, too. If Missoni d0es that, they wouldn’t be the first one – Karl Lagerfeld, Matthew Williamson and Giambattista Valli already made lower cost collections in collaboration with Macy’s.

“We can’t waste too much time. We have a lot of options because everyone is interested, but it has to be something that touches different categories…. The fact that you can put a zigzag on anything was part of the success at Target. People who wouldn’t wear a top would have a glass or a blanket. Maybe it’s a partnership with Macy’s in the US and someone else in Europe.”-  said Margherita Missoni