I just love it when I go to McDonald’s and order a Big Mac medium Meal with a Coke, and then the guy/girl who’s taking my order tells me “If you order a large meal you’ll get a Coke glass too”; don’t you?
McDonald’s is yet again giving out glasses at McDonald’s nationwide with the purchase of any Large Extra Value Meal or Premium Salad. This time, the glasses are a bit more special – they’re retro-styled, yet again celebrating the 125th anniversary of our dear Coca-Cola company.
And next to that, there will also be a ‘McDonald’s Flash Back Booth’ app, with which you can take pictures and transform them so they look retro and of course post them on Facebook or any other social network,
for people to see and comment.



The campaign has been done by The Marketing StoreNeil Arnott, Director of The Marketing Store said: “For many years now, our successful partnership with McDonald’s has enabled us to produce some fantastic, award-winning campaigns. Our shared ambition has and always will be to give something back to customers. The latest Free Retro Coke Glass promotion is no different—the specially designed glasses are testament to that. In addition, our interactive Facebook Flashback Booth is a further extension of the Coke Glasses in-store experience, not to mention an exciting reflection on our fast-growing digital capabilities.”