It’s been 80 years since Coca-Cola swept the world with its product through out-of-this-world strategic marketing. We, as the consumers, almost can’t wait to see what will Coca-Cola think of next when it comes to advertising. The most well know campaign Coca-Cola has done is the Christmas campaign. The first one was done in 1931 when Haddon Sundblom first created the world-renowned image of Coca-Cola Santa. And now, when we think of  the Christmas season and holiday cheer we think of the lighted red truck with Santa’s image on the back.

Coca-Cola Great Britain is covering this year’s Christmas campaign through TV creatives, experiential, outdoor, on-pack and the world famous Piccadilly Sign. Screenings of the TV ads begin on November 12th, so let the season of the spirit take over you. The ”Snow Globe” creative, inspired by Coca-Cola, will also be screening from December 10th with the goal of showing people all the joys of Christmas and its power to bring together friends and family.

Coca-Cola's 'Holiday's are Coming'

The huge success of Coca-Cola’s Christmas Tour Truck from last year made this years tour very enticing. The truck is to embark on a six-week national tour, with making over a 100 stops at towns, cities, and supermarkets across Britain and Ireland. You can track the truck’s date tour at

The campaign will also be promoted thorugh the celebrity world at this year’s Grammy, MTV, and Brit Awards with Natasha Bedingfield singing the ad’s cheerful and upbeat soundtrack, giving to the awards that extra something to remind us that Christmas is coming.
Supported by outdoor exposure, Cola’s Santa will be showcased on outdoor sheets to bring us that magical feeling the campaign is aming for.

Santa’s image, the limited edition, will be on almost every Coca-Cola bottle and can, from Coca-Cola regular to Coke Zero.
This years Coca-Cola festivity also introduces a bit of technology. People will be able to Tweet messages to their loved ones on the Piccadilly Sign, the largest LED display in the UK. Introducing this interactive ellement, Coca-Cola wanted to take people in its world as close as possible. It’s a very cool idea to take that step, and it also kind of gives you a warm feeling inside to know that your best wishes can be shared with everybody.

Coca Cola Snowglobes

Coca-Cola has come a very long way in its 80 years of existance. Zoe Howarth, Market Activation Director for Coca-Cola Great Britain explains, “Coca-Cola has a rich history in Christmas advertising, creating campaigns that resonate with consumers across the world during the holiday period. We’re thrilled to be celebrating 80 years of Sundblom’s much-loved personification of Santa—bringing his creations to a modern day audience and spreading happiness and festive cheer this Christmas.”