Walmart engages its users through the social media or to be more specific – Facebook. The company launched “12 Days Of Giving” campaign where Facebook users can nominate local organizations for receiving a part of $1.5 million in grants this holiday season. Walmart will accept submissions aiming for the perfect local organizations which are providing basic needs, such as food, clothing, shelter and baby supplies.

“Many of our Facebook fans make charitable donations and talk with each other about special needs in their communities, especially during the holidays,” said Wanda Young, senior director of social media for Walmart US. “We wanted to go where these conversations are already happening and give users the opportunity to take the next step by nominating organizations they feel are providing especially critical services.”

The campaign started today and it will last through November 30. So users, what are you waiting for? Check out Walmart’s Facebook page, and nominate your favorite nonprofit group. How does it work?

Walmart 12 Days Of Giving Campaign

Quite simple. Visitors nominate organizations by submitting a 200-word description, including the nonprofit’s impact in its local community. All participants must submit photos which are describing how nonprofit helps families. After that, a panel from the Walmart foundation will review submissions and pick the winner. All grant recipients will be announced on Facebook daily from December 12 to December 23.

“Giving back has always been part of Walmart’s tradition – not just during the holidays but year-round—and much of this is done through partnerships with local nonprofits,” said Julie Gehrki, senior director at the Walmart Foundation. “We want every dollar to be as impactful as possible and think that local, individual submissions will help us uncover the greatest needs.”

Among this campaign, the Walmart Foundation is providing more than $19 million in grants this holiday season. This is a good way to gain on popularity in local community and also helping it. Using social media, Walmart is increasing its presence, building a stable place on the market and making a strong bond between Walmart as a brand and its consumers.