The organic food producer Helios has presented its brand new, redesigned identity. This brand is known for producing Eco-friendly products and food for the Norwegian market since 1969. The idea behind the redesign was to attract all customers, not just Eco-aware product consumers. This final packaging look was chosen from over 100 varieties, and I personally think that this looks fantastic:

One of the important things for this brand was to keep its historical foundation in some elements of the design. Of course, a lot of things in the brand identity had to be minimized to become more recognizable and modern, like the Helios logo design. As most of you know, Helios is the Greek god of sun, according to their mythology. That’s why the sun logo makes sense, it’s a combination of sun and sunflower that closely reminds us on nature and everything that is organic.

The identity is strong, clean and very recognizable. I like the distinct colors of the flower elements on the final version of the package – it suggests that the designer was not afraid to use different colors and somehow chose the perfect, yet simple combination maintaining clarity. Moreover, the hand-drawn patterns found on different products are in complete color harmony with the main logotype elements.

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