The design for the £5 coins for the 2012 London Olympics have been revealed. They all consist of classical British trademarks such as the Big Ben, the queen and iconic skylines. They really are true keepers, and a nice memento of the event that will last for years. To me, the best part of the Olympic coin designs is that everyone got a chance to participate through a design competition. Here are the winners for the £5 coin:

Birmingham school of architecture student, Saiman Miah, designed the Olympic coin (up), which features London’s skyline next to the River Thames, with pictograms of athletes surrounding the border. “I wanted to include a detailed impression of London’s iconic skyline on my design,” Miah said. “The pictograms are a reference to another London icon, Big Ben.”  he said.

The coin designed by Hereford College of Arts Graduate, Pippa Sanderson (up), featured characteristics of the clock, and a dissected face to illustrate skills of athletes.

“With the coin being circular, I played around with circles found in the games, and decided on a spoked wheel for maneuverability, a target for accuracy and a stopwatch for speed. I split the design into these elements and added the face of Big Ben to represent London,” Sanderson said

Now that we’ve seen the newly revealed £5 coins, let’s remind ourselves of the 50 pence coins commemorating the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games too, which were presented about a year a go. “The coins each feature one of 29 sports on the reverse and have been designed by people from England and Wales. They were picked from nearly 30,000 entries in a Royal Mint public competition. The designers range from a Manchester policeman and a delivery driver from Reading to a bank clerk from Preston and a Bristol schoolgirl.”


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