Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday… Don’t you think that these kinds of messages are getting less and less personal with each passing year? With the invention of social networks, it seems that they are ‘the’ place to give our best wishes to friends and family on their special day. So, instead of just automatically posting a generic ”Happy birthday” post on their wall, why not make it more personal and interesting, and really make that person feel like you were thinking of them.

In regards to this, Skype is launching a new Facebook app on Tuesday that allows its fans to post a birthday song performed by a favorite band and sing along, if they choose so.

This campaign is the first of its kind for Skype, being a social media campaign. It’s intended to promote Skype Group Video Calling, which will be launched in January. How this app works is: famous bands like Ash, Imogen Heap, Scarlet Gray, Kill the Young, and many more, recorded an original version of the Happy Birthday Song using Skype Group Chat. So when you launch the app you can record yourself in an additional window and sing along with the band. You can customize the musical message with a written message and post it on their Facebook wall, or anywhere else via URL.

Skype is being very smart with this move. The company does have a Facebook page, but it usually posts the companies news and updates. Being new to social media campaigns doesn’t make Skype any less inventive or strategic. So, for your next birthday, instead of seeing your Facebook wall full of ”Happy birthday’s”, if you would just scroll through, you could have a birthday full of music created by the people you love.

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