Cisco unveiled today at the Ciso® Collaboration Summit 2011 event new solutions to help people collaborate more effectively in the “post-PC” era. This era moves past the limitations of “PC centric” communication and instead evokes a “people centric” approach where people can collaborate anywhere, anytime and on any device or application. The advancements Cisco is introducing today start from Cisco WebEx® to Cisco Jabber™ and they can change how people meet utilizing expanded cloud-based services, and can give workers an easy way to collaborate directly from Web applications they use every day, driving new levels of business productivity and competitiveness.

Cisco WebEx has advancements in HD video and enhanced mobile capabilities that enable all new ways to prepare, meet and follow-up after a meeting, changing the meeting experience. Additionally, Cisco is extending cloud conferencing to more people with a new free basic edition of WebEx®designed for three people or less.

Cisco is also transforming the workspace by changing the way on how people collaborate from Web applications they use every day, like SAP Streamwork, Cisco Quad™ or Google Apps. Today, whether mobile or at their desks, people find themselves having to open and utilize a variety of collaboration applications just to communicate on their own terms – whether that’s via instant message (IM), voice, or video. Cisco is making collaboration much easier by advancing Cisco Jabber with a freely downloadable Web browser plug-in that will help extend collaboration to tens of millions of people that use web browsers on Windows- or Mac-based OS devices.

With these innovations and recent announcements around virtualization and unified communications, Cisco is continuing to transform the workspace. Additionally, with WebEx and the recently announced Cisco TelePresence® solutions for small and medium sized businesses, Cisco is advancing its cloud-based offerings through the Cisco Collaboration cloud.

Full information about Cisco’s new technologies, including WebEx and Cisco Jabber, can be found at Cisco’s official website.