Not so long ago – this summer to be more precise, we could catch a teaser page at revealing Tulalip, a service from Microsoft which was promising a new way of searching stuff and sharing. But, it looks like Microsoft was testing and developing their “beta” version for the new social network called Socl.

I won’t chit chat about the features of this platform, but its design looks like very similar to other social networks. The main idea behind it is searching. At the top there is a search box which asks you: “What are you searching for?” So this basically is a kind of new type of statuses. You can post your search feeds and share them with your friends. By clicking on ‘tag’, you add search terms and sort out your friends. Tagging is something unique concerning this platform – by tagging, you are tracking topics that interest you. You can also follow experts, which is a good idea from Microsoft. One of the features is also a video chat party, similar to Google+ hangouts.

Socl layout

The biggest thing about Socl is social search. Through Facebook and Twitter, you’re getting a lot of recommendations. Through Microsoft’s platform friends can see your search query and then relate to it.

I have to mention that Socl is a research project. We still don’t know if it’s going to go public. And I have to agree with Lauren Gores from Mashable with her question – With Facebook, Twitter, G+ and others, is there really more room in the social space?