How will holiday shoppers find the best prices or the most unique gifts?  Will they flip through a circular, find it online, through email, or browse store floors?  As the holiday shopping season kicks into gear, companies that demonstrate an understanding of customers preferences are likely to pique more interest.  According to a recent telephone survey conducted among 1,001 U.S. adults for Xerox Corporation by Harris Interactive, there’s an opportunity for marketers to conquer information overload by personalizing the messages they send.

More than four in ten respondents (41 percent) said they find information and offers related to their specific interests valuable in promotions they receive during the holiday season.

45 percent of women are more likely to read, save and use communications that are personalized with their name and/or interests – such as referencing past purchases or products researched online.

want to get consumers attention this year

“Studies show that consumers remember just four of the 3,000 messages we’re exposed to every day,” said Christa Carone, Chief Marketing Officer at Xerox.  “This survey validates that earning a spot at the top of a consumer’s mind, and ultimately driving a purchasing decision, takes insight, individual attention and can be influenced by the way the message is delivered.”

The research also uncovered that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work with today’s consumers.  Nearly one in four adults (24 percent) under the age of 35 is likely to react to communications sent via email, whereas only 8 percent of adults age 55 and older say the same. 41 percent of adults ages 55 and older still react to newspaper inserts; the number climbs to 50 percent with adults ages 35-54.
Additionally, 57 percent of respondents reported they do not own a smartphone, so retailers betting on apps and QR codes to entice shoppers this holiday season likely need to incorporate traditional marketing techniques to reach a broad audience.
Xerox is providing customized communications with their consumers. Working with commercial partners, creative agencies and marketing firms, the company is personalizing communications for the clients. It is a great way to engage customer to receive information and respond.