Coca-Cola teamed up with London-based production studio Nexus Interactive Arts to create  52-foot-tall installation, making an actual waterfall of pure refreshing Coke.

“At first, it was only tech people who were getting involved in the digital space,” says Chris O’Reilly, creative director and co-founder of Nexus Productions. “Now it’s artists and other people who understand design and storytelling.”

One of the interesting things about it is that the installation didn’t premiere in a country most likely to show off this kind of installation, like London, or NY. It was first shown in Quito, Ecuador, and will tour across Honduras and Colombia early next year. The Cascada, as they named it, also interacts with you – it invites you to come and ‘play’ with it like you’r in a real waterfall, and by making different gestures, you can actually control the  waterfall, making it respond to you. Simply – the liquid on the screen responds like the waterfall would respond if you would jump around in it.

It’s sure to be a very powerful installation of pure real-time 3-D generative images mimicking refreshing falling liquid, surely driving customers to the next shop to buy a refreshing can of Coke.
Or is it? Even though it’s really fascinating what they have made, technologically, I can’t really say what’s the point of the whole thing, except just even more brand awareness, and a bit more Coke sales near the installation, driven buy seeing the beverage so refreshingly fall around on a 16 meter screen. If anything I bet it’s fun to see and interact with, while it’s also probably sending out the classical message that ‘Coke brings happiness.’

Check out the official Coca-Cola Cascada video bellow:

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