A new and innovative way of promoting a tourist place was created by the small village of Obermutten in the Graubünden area of Switzerland. Well, it is actually an already-known way through the social network Facebook, but in this case things mostly happen offline. How exactly offline you may be asking?

The story goes like this: The lead people in the village had printed out every single one of the Facebook fan’s profile picture who had previously liked the town’s official Facebook page and posted them onto the town’s bulletin board. As the bulletin board quickly overflowed with numerous profile pictures, they have decided to spread it even further, on various barn sides and to use them for the excess. Every single inhabitant has been included in posting the printed pictures. The campaign by ad agency Jung von Matt has been a huge success, as the village with the population of 79 has over 12.000 Facebook fans! That is more fans than Helsinki and even Florence.

The video, which shows the case study of this project, also states that 4 out of 5 fans are continuously interactive with the page. Moreover, that is more than Lady Gaga, Coca-Cola and even Justin Bieber’s page on Facebook:

A truly excellent project, but there is only one thing left to do, and that is for the people to actually visit this place. Some of them already have and some of them had announced their arrival.

When I saw the news, my first thought was to Like the page, and then go over there and find my picture. I think that this is pretty cool, especially when you get a chance to meet the locals and to stay a few days with them.

Nevertheless, the campaign was a bulls-eye in the financial aspect. For the cost of 10.000 Swiss francs they earned approximately 2.4 million francs. Now that’s some real business.