In order to promote it’s new Galaxy Note handset, Samsung teamed up with illustrators, creating the ‘Create my Tweet’ campaign. The idea is similar to the one where artist Greg Burney said that, if you request via Twitter, he will make a sketch of your Twitter profile picture; only this time you don’t get your pictures illustrated, but your tweets. It lasted from November 22 to November 25th. Twitter users could suggest ideas for artworks, which would then be drawn by illustrators (Steven Wilson, Rose Stallard, Danny Sangra and Natasha Law) using the phone’s design apps. You could see your tweets made in to art by tweeting @samsungmobile + your request + hashtag #createmytweet.

I always love a little creativity combined with technology. The best thing is that the whole campaign directly promotes the Galaxy Note and it’s awesome features. The artwork that was tweeted back to people who submitted tweets to be illustrated were all be done by the Galaxy Note design app and digital pen, thus everyone could see for their selves what they could actually do with the new Galaxy, and how does the artwork made on it actually look.

To see more videos about the project, click here.