Surfing around the internet, we’ve run across some interesting information about the Google logo. We look at it almost every day and we take it for granted, but we’ve never wondered who actually created it. Did you ever ask yourself this question?

Well, let’s go all the way back to 1998. The first version of the Google logo was designed by its co-founder, Sergey Brin, with a free graphic program called GIMP. The end of the logo featured an exclamation mark, probably a pun on the already famous Yahoo logo. After a brief period, Google decided it’s time for a redesign.

In May 1999, the exclamation point has been removed by Ruth Kedar (Consultant Art Professor at the Stanford Art Department), who designed the current version of the logo. On May 6, 2010, the Google logo just got slightly redesigned, changing its “o” color from yellow to orange and removing the drop shadow which created a rather ugly imbalance all these years.

In contrast to Yahoo’s home page, which has been bulking up over the years, Google tends to keep things simple. A search bar, two buttons, and a logo. In order to compensate for the deficiency of content on its home page, Google is known for actually changing its logo on various occasions, such as festivals, important holidays, tributes to famous people, etc. These logo changes are called Google Doodles, and you can check out the whole list of them here.

Ruth Kedar (Kedar Designs) also has the Google logo displayed on her portfolio/website. Imagine yourself browsing the internet, when you suddenly ran across Kedar’s portfolio, and you see the Google logo standing there proudly. We would gladly like to see your reaction.