The followup to the launch of the LEBRON 9 and LeBron James’ Nike Sportswear Collection, Nike launched a newsprint that features celebration and storytelling about LeBron himself. The newsprint was originally distributed to media in a print only format, but now is available for download here.

The newsprint features include:

  • An illustrative look at James’ life and times by artist Cody Hudson
  • Documentary photography of LeBron’s summer in Akron and China
  • The story of his First Dunk from the voice of LeBron’s high school PE teacher James Donald
  • “What If?” a speculative discussion about what if LeBron had chosen to concentrate on Football – timely following his flag football game with Kevin Durant
  • A look at his latest signature shoe the LEBRON 9 and his Spring 12 Nike Sportswear Collection

Plus more stories and never-seen-before archive photography and artifacts from LeBron’s life