Inspired by Juha Kankkunen’s world-record breaking exploits on the ice, Bentley and Breitling have once again combined British chic and Swiss tradition to create a limited edition chronograph to mark this grand achievement.

Bentley’s most potent and radically-styled convertible ever – the 202mph (325km/h) Supersports ‘Ice Speed Record’ convertible – is a celebration of the world ice speed record set by Finland’s four-time world rally champion Juha Kankkunen in a Bentley Continental Supersports convertible.

The ISR Supersports convertible – just 100 cars will be produced – provides the inspiration for the new timepiece. The Supersports Ice Speed Record commemorative watch is the perfect embodiment of the two companies’ shared passion for prestige and performance. This remarkable combination of handcrafted technology and striking aesthetics is also restricted to 100 pieces and is only available without charge to those who buy the car.

Breitling For Bently Light Body Carbon Dial - Branding Magazine

Driving the Continental Supersports convertible on the perilous frozen Baltic Sea, off the coast of Finland,  Kankkunen achieved a speed of 205.48 mph (330.695 km/h). Wow!

Look closer, and you’ll see the watch shares many of the same design cues as the limited edition extreme Bentley. The distinctive red detailing. The carbon fibre fascia with dashboard-style dial. The classically knurled finish on the control buttons. Even the carbon fibre presentation box. All combine to create a unique and original timepiece like no other.

“Juha Kankkunen’s drive was a remarkable achievement and worthy of a very special car. The Continental Supersports ‘Ice Speed Record’ is a true driver’s car that captures that unique Bentley spirit. It offers extreme performance, agility and an extrovert personality, while retaining the refinement, handcrafted luxury and comfort our customers expect.” Those were the words of Bentley’s Chairman and Chief Executive – Wolfgang Duerheimer.

It is no coincidence that both the watch and the car are personalised with the same engraved number, upholding the renowned and time-honoured tradition of genuine exclusivity of both Breitling and Bentley. Highly sought. Pure Bentley and Breitling through and through.