As 2011 takes the finish line, we decided to share with you our choice of five most important moments in this year for social media industry. Social media is taking a huge part in our lives. It is becoming a powerful tool for sharing stories and keeping in touch with your friends. It is also becoming more and more popular in marketing strategies for various brands, connecting consumers with brands they are loyal to.

Here are our Top Five moments of the year:

Facebook – “The New Story”

D-day has come – our favorite and most popular social network is going to be entirely redesigned. Many of Facebook members were quite upset by some relatively minor tweaks the company has made in the last week, but the company today introduced a major redesign of member profiles called “Timeline.” – Read Full Article 

Twitter Gets Redesigned

Beginning today, Twitter introduced a brand new, simplified and sleek look which will be rolling out to users over the next few weeks… Read Full Article 

Google+ Now Available to Anyone

It is well known fact that (almost) nobody on the social network market can’t compete with Facebook. However, Google +is doing something to work on it. They have opened the site now, and anyone can sign up for it unlike past three months when it was an “invite only” thing… Read Full Article 

YouTube Unveils a New Look

Its time to get more into YouTube with their new look, starting from today… Read Full Article 

StumbleUpon Gets Rebranded 

StumbleUpon, the famous discovery engine, has unveiled its radically new and changed website, with the addition of a refreshing logo and a channel feature that welcomes different brands… Read Full Article