As of today, the secret formula of Coca-Cola is made available for the public to see! No, not really. Never before have the consumers been able to get as close to it, though.

It was a historic moment for the company, as the secret recipe was moved from a vault at SunTrust Bank in downtown Atlanta to a new vault at the World Of Coca-Cola building situated in the same city, after 86 years. The Vault Of The Secret Formula, as it is called, will be a place where visitors will be able to experience “world’s most recognized brand like never before”, through a multimedia exhibit that “celebrates the rich history, mythology and intrigue around the secret formula”



The Vaults interior

The company decided on this move, to mark (in a very, very special way) the 125th year of its existence. According to Muhtar Kent, chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company:

“This is a special day in Coca-Cola history, and the perfect culmination to our 125 th anniversary celebrations this year… By sharing this secret formula experience with our consumers, we celebrate both the rich history of the brand’s beginnings and the moments of refreshment and happiness to come for future generations . This is yet another way we are recognizing and thanking everyone around the world who has made the Coca-Cola brand what it is today.”

“The Company has always gone to great lengths to protect it [the formula] and now by safeguarding it at the World of Coca-Cola, we can share its legendary legacy with people around the world.” said Phil Mooney, Director of Archives, The Coca-Cola Company.


 Mr. Kent placing the recipe in the vault

The 125 year old formula (to success) today, at least according to Mr. Kent (who probably knows the ingredients), involves not only ingredients the famous drink is made of:

“Any stakeholder who is part of our global system, from a local community partner in countries around the world to someone who simply loves our brands, is part of our secret to success… It is this recipe for success that gives us the confidence to fulfill our 2020 Vision: to sustainably grow our business and continue to help build a better world and future for everyone, everywhere.”

The grand opening celebration at the World of Coca-Cola was accompanied by performances of the Latin Grammy nominated Mexican singer-songwriter Ximena Sariñana and the Coca-Cola 125th Anniversary Chorus (consisting of young people from the Atlanta area and conducted by Francisco Núñez, founder and the acclaimed artistic director of the Young People’s Chorus of New York City).

I have tried a million times to imagine what kind of pressure the people that know the secret to this epic drink would have to cope with, and the thought of it always went beyond the borders of my mind. Such a feeling is probably inconceivable to us, mortals, but by opening the exhibition, the company has at least let us “get a taste” of it. If you are too far away from Atlanta, take a look at the video on this link to see how the placement of the recipe in the vault went.